Porschstores Styling Service


Porschstores styling services was created to take the pressure off you. Over the years Porschstores has been able to offer several different types of personal styling services. From personal shopping for a specific item for an event to shopping for a complete new wardrobe, Porschstores styling services is always here to help.

The approach is simple; we work to learn who you are and what your style is and then proceed to help you create a look that matches it.


Personal Shopping

The Personal Shopping service is best for:

- A busy mum who has no time or doesn't like to shop

- Someone who just generally hates shopping

- Someone who has an event coming up and needs help

- Someone who just got an overhaul and needs help getting her shopping right.

The Process: We get on the phone or a video call together for a consultation. We can figure out your style and what kind of look you are going for and then we get to work.

Final Result: Receive outfit recommendation with links on where to shop them. Don't worry, if you don't want to do it, shopping it can be done for you as well.

Wardrobe Consultation

Wardrobe consultation is for you if:

You need a style overhaul and want to upgrade or update your look. Everyone has a personal style, and sometimes we are either scared to reveal it or do not know how to express it. Consulting with a clothing stylist will help you find your personal style and create looks that reflect it. Together we will work to create a new look for your image, and help overhaul your wardrobe. We will work with your existing wardrobe and throw in some personal shopping to help expand the your closet.

The Process: Using a one-on-one consultation to map out and create your personal style, we create a plan to help you revamp your wardrobe. We then perform personal shopping as needed to fill in the holes.

Result: A happy client with revamped wardrobe and a style reflecting her unique personality.

Virtual Consultation While Shopping

Let's say that you are out shopping and you are so unsure of what to get or how to pull off what you picked up. Maybe you just want to make sure that what you are picking up matches your personal brand.

Porschstores offer the option to have your personal homegirl give you a yes or no while shopping.

The Process: Inform us that you are going shopping so we can get ready and be available (if it's impromptu that's fine too, send your stylist a text before calling). Once you get to the store you can send us pictures while you shop and we can offer you recommendations while you shop.

Final Result: A happy client walking out the store with exactly what she needs!

Your Stylists

Caris - Personal Shopper and Stylist

I started shopping for people and styling people by accident. I had people come to me asking me to help them find outfits  for events and asking questions about how to wear what they got. I eventually found out that I was really good at understanding people's style and helping them create looks that hep them feel confident.

No matter the look you are going for, I am here to help

Lepa Stylist - Wardrobe / Personal Stylist

Being a stylist is a job that I've chosen to do because I love it !  My job is not only to style you but help you recreate yourself into a greater being. It's all about creating a style that speaks for you , that allows YOU to walk into a room full of confidence!  From big events to everyday wear, I'm the little help that turns YOU into a statement! 

Happy Customers

"I LOVED how professional and efficient Caris was. I had a small time frame and she made it happen for me. Literally, she made the stress for my event a lot easier for me because she knew what I wanted and took care of it! The outfit was great. It fit perfectly and was exactly what I wanted. She made it seem too good to be true, but in the end she took the ideas of the look I was going for and hit it head on. Caris Kindness and professionalism is what made this experience great"

Melanie, Massachusetts

I got a coat from Porschstores and will admit to being very pleased with the service offered. Caris was very helpful. I am not a style geek, so having a professional tend to my fashion needs and answer my questions was grand thumbs up for quality of service!

Sharon, Belgium


Working with LepaStyles, was nothing short of amazing. From providing clothing, styling, and direction throughout our shooting process she was extremely helpful. LepaStyles successfully helped me re-brand myself through style effortlessly! When I think style, I think LepaStyles! She definitely is my favorite stylist!

RaroLae, Maryland

My first time working with lepaStyles was amazing , i'd booked a last minute shoot and she was able to pull pieces for me within the hour. all the looks were so well put together, she had jewelry, shoes , all accessories were chosen very carefully to compliment not only me but the theme of the shoot as well, booking her is something you will not forget, I'll be using LepaStyles for all my Future shoots! 

Jessica, Maryland