About Our Indie Fashion Boutique


My name is Caris, the founder of Porschstores. When I graduated from college a few years ago, I struggled with developing and finding my unique personal style. Looking for outfits that defined my taste proved difficult because I had no idea where to even start. While still in school, I envisioned the idea for Porschstores, and I refined it over the years.

Porschstores is a boutique brand offering luxury-style fashion for women who are constantly evolving personally and in their style.  My indie fashion boutique offers pieces and resources to help women develop their unique personal style. My goal is to help you stand out without necessarily following trends.

I will also support you with resources on how to wear clothes in an appropriate, yet stylish, manner. I don’t want you to ever wonder if you are dressed appropriately, or for you to lack confidence and doubt in what you are wearing. I want to provide you with a way to set yourself apart while feeling confident and situationally appropriate.

Porschstores focuses on casual, accessible independent clothing brands for female college students or young, career minded women. Many retailers don’t focus on or care about building self-confidence through style nor do they offer ideas on how to build and style a wardrobe. This is where I come in. When you feel confident in what you are wearing, it shines through in the way you carry yourself.

My indie fashion boutique is perfect for college graduates or purpose-driven women already established in their careers. Porschstores features appropriate yet funky independent apparel for you. My mission is to help you maintain your courage and confidence as you step out each day to save the world.

Everything that I offer focuses specifically to help you create your style. Whether you are in the boardroom or the classroom, you will feel confident wearing my unique clothing for women.